Carex texensis (Texas Sedge)

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Texas sedge is a fine bladed sedge that is an excellent choice for woodland gardens or as turf substitute for dry to moist shade. It also works when planted between stepping stone or en masse. Texas sedge has fine-textured leaves, and it works well with shade-loving perennials such as cedar sage, or spring wildflowers. It produces small flower spikes in late spring/early summer.

Texas sedge does best in dappled sun to shade. It will survive in full sun but will yellow and will need to be irrigated regularly. It likes deep soil that holds some extra moisture. It does best in good fertile garden soil. Some irrigation in the summer will keep looking good in the heat. It is more particular about being planted in the right kind of soil than some of the other sedges.

Once established, Texas sedge is drought tolerant and deer resistant. It does not require mowing, but it can be mowed on high setting in late winter if needed. It is a good native substitute for liriope or mondo grass. 



Texas native Yes
Water use Low to medium
Sun exposure Part sun to shade
Mature height 5-10"
Mature spread 6-12" 
Evergreen Semi-evergreen
Erosion control Yes
Deer resistant Yes





 Present in state
 Present in county and native
 Native to North America, but adventive & escaped in state         
 Not present in state
 Present and rare, native in county
 Previously present, now extinct
 Questionable presence (cross-hatched, regardless of color)