Giving Back

We sell native and well-adapted plants in hopes that they will help many of us build versatile, sustainable gardens that serve as wildlife habitats, which provide for our pollinators, do not drain our resources, but instead add to the beauty in a worthwhile and responsible way.

We are passionate about our prairies, our land, our native habitats, supporting and providing for wildlife and conserving water.  We want our passion and love for all living to be expressed in financial support of the organizations that help all of us protect all that is valuable, meaningful and dear to us.

We pledge to donate 5% of the pre-tax sales to the organization of your choice. To let us know which organization you would like to support, simply choose one from the drop-down menu during checkout. We will post monthly donation numbers to each organization of this page.

If there the organization you are passionate about is not listed and you would like to have us add it to the list, email us and let us know the nonprofit’s name and contact information, and why it matters to you.

Thank you for your support and your business.

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