Sumac, aromatic (Rhus aromatica)

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Size: 5 gal

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Aromatic sumac is an upright shrub with wonderful orange, red and yellow fall color. The fuzzy red fruit is enjoyed by many bird species. The flower is a nectar source for adult butterflies. If grown in shade it will turn into a low growing ground cover that will be well suited for erosion control. Grown in full sun it is an upright shrub, and the color display is best in full sun as well. It is fast growing, generally pest and disease-free, and drought-tolerant. Only female plants produce flowers and berries.

It looks identical in looks to three leaf sumac - the main difference as far as we can tell is the size class. Three leaf sumac tends to be small than aromatic sumac, but they often end up being similar size.


  • Texas native
  • Drought tolerant
  • Full sun to bright shade
  • 5-10 ft tall x 4-6 ft wide
  • Wildlife value: butterflies, birds
  • Host plant: Red-banded hairstreak butterfly 
  • Deer resistant


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