Salvia greggii red (Autumn Sage red)

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Autumn Sage is a versatile, semi-evergreen perennial that can handle both sun and part shade. It is drought tolerant once established, and its blooms come in multiple colors that attract bees and hummingbirds. It prefers well-draining soil that is rich in organic matter and therefore is not a good candidate for heavy clay soil.

Autumn Sage is lovely as a small, flowering shrub in a perennial bed or as a low hedge, and it does well mixed with softer-looking perennials such as Gregg’s Mistflower. The plant is very brittle and breaks easily, so it is best to plant it away from heavy foot traffic. Autumn Sage leaves and flowers are edible, and trimming or pinching tips promotes continuous blooms. In early spring, you can prune it one-third to halfway back to produce thicker, more compact foliage, which is important if you want to prevent leggy plants. Or you can pick-prune to maintain the autumn sage’s natural size and shape. 



Texas native Yes
Water use Low to medium
Sun exposure Full to part sun
Bloom color Red
Bloom time On and off spring through fall
Mature height 2-3 ft
Mature spread 2-3 ft
Evergreen Semi-evergreen
Attracts Bees, hummingbirds
Edible Yes, leaves and flowers
Deer resistant Yes





 Present in state
 Present in county and native
 Native to North America, but adventive & escaped in state         
 Not present in state
 Present and rare, native in county
 Previously present, now extinct
 Questionable presence (cross-hatched, regardless of color)