Mexican plum (Prunus mexicana)

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Mexican Plum is a small single trunk ornamental tree that grows 15- 30 feet tall. It will produce showy white flowers early spring that are followed by purplish red fruit in late summer. The fruit is great for making jelly and preserves. Mexican Plum is deciduous and leaves will turn yellow in the fall. It does well either as an understory tree, or in a sunny location. It does best in a deep well drained soil.  It is drought tolerant when established and the fruit will attract wildlife.

Trees in full bloom are sweet scented and often buzzing with nectar bees. Wildlife and birds love the fruit. As the bark matures, it gains character with a dark, papery exfoliation. 


30 gal Mexican plum (specimen) is approx. 9-10 ft tall, 6 ft wide, 2 ft clear trunk.

30 gal Mexican plum (regular) is approx. 7 ft tall, 5 ft wide, 1.5 ft clear trunk.

45 gal Mexican plum (specimen) is approx. 12-13 ft tall, 7 ft wide, 4.5 ft clear trunk. 


Texas native Yes Edible Yes Sun Full sun to part shade Size 15-30 feet Evergreen No
Nectar & larval host Yes Drought tolerant Yes Wildlife friendly Yes Attracts Butterflies, bees, birds Deer resistant No
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