Yucca, Adam's needle (Yucca filamentosa)

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A 6 foot flowering stalk rises above 2-3 ft. high clumps of erect, dagger-like, blue-green leaves. The flowers are cream-colored and are followed by persistent seed pods. Yuccas depend on the Yucca Moth as their agent of pollination, and these moths depend on yuccas for food.

Yuccas are extremely easy to grow, and drought and heat tolerant. They adapt well to most garden soils. They prefer well-drained or sandy soil but are tolerant of clay and are very drought tolerant once established. The best growth and flowering occur in full sun. Once established, yearly removal of the oldest, dead or damaged leaves in the fall or winter is recommended. The rosettes of foliage that flower will die after the bloom fades, but new side pups quickly re-sprout to form new plants.


'Bright Edge'

'Bright Edge' is a beautiful yucca with leaves that are edged with a creamy white to yellow color.  The foliage is stiff and in late spring to early summer it will send up a spike of white bell-shaped flowers, reaching up to 6 foot. The plant is a slow-grower, but eventually forms a wide clump of rosettes 2-3 feet wide by 2 feet tall.


  • Texas native
  • Drought tolerant
  • Sun to part shade
  • 2 ft tall x 2-3 ft wide
  • Wildlife value: hummingbirds
  • Deer resistant, other than blooms
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