Texas sage (Leucophyllum frutescens)

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Texas sage has delicate silvery to green leaves (depending on variety), and stunning displays of prolific purple blooms from summer into fall. It needs full sun and good drainage to thrive. It is susceptible to cotton root rot if soil does not have good drainage. Although watering in dry summer months will make it grow faster, overwatering or poor drainage will quickly kill it, and shade will promote leggy growth and less flowering. Trim to shape in late winter or early spring before buds form, and possibly again in early summer. It does not need to be fertilized.

Texas sage is extremely drought and heat tolerant and maintenance-free once established. During very cold winters it may lose a few leaves but they will reappear with warmer weather.  

The best time for planting most shrubs and trees is during the dormant period of fall and winter. As with any shrub or tree, the first year requires regular deep watering for successful root establishment. Once established, Texas sage does not require fertilization or watering beyond average rainfall.  


  • Texas native
  • Drought tolerant
  • Full sun to part shade
  • 4-8 ft tall
  • Wildlife value: butterflies, bees
  • Host plant: Theona Checkerspot, Calleta silkmoth
  • Deer resistant


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