Possumhaw holly (Ilex decidua)

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Size: 5 gal

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Possumhaw is a small deciduous tree shrub with pale gray, twiggy, horizontal branches. It produces berries in the summer which turn festive red in the fall. Most female possumhaw trees are covered with berries, making a wonderful fall and winter display. The leaves are small and light green. Possumhaw holly makes a nice accent plant.

Possumhaw is the widest ranging of all Texas hollies and can adapt to a wide range of soil conditions. It can be grown in shade, but it fruits best in partial shade to full sun. It grows well in most types of soil, from acid to alkaline, from dry to a bit damp.  Do not plant it where it might experience “wet feet” or it may rot.


  • Texas native
  • Drought tolerant
  • Full sun to part shade
  • 8-15 ft tall x 6-10 ft wide
  • Wildlife value: birds
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