Mexican hat (Ratibida columnifera)

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Size: 1 gal

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Mexican hat is easily grown in average, dry to medium, well-drained soils in full sun. It has cheerful yellow-orange-brown flowers that bloom over a long season. It tolerates light shade but it may flop in too much shade. It is a drought tolerant plant that withstands competition. Best grouped or massed because individual plants tend to appear somewhat sparse. Watering in summer often extends the flowering period.  


Mexican Hat is a fast growing wildflower that is not fussy about soils and is easy to grow from seed. Foliage has a strong odor that repels deer. It will re-seed and spread in favorable conditions.


Texas native Yes Edible No Sun Full sun Size 1-3 feet tall, 1-1.5 ft wide Evergreen No
Bloom color Yellow,orange,brown Drought tolerant Yes Wildlife friendly Yes Attracts Butterflies, bees Deer resistant High
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